What Callie's Clients Have to Say:

I had a desire to swim with the dolphins during my time on the big island, though never made it a priority. Because of Callie's magical and loving energy during my initial encounter with her, this hidden desire became a blissful reality. Callie and I swam with the dolphins like children in a magical world filled with with play and love and gifts of bubbles and leaves.

She was always so attentive to me making sure I felt supported. I so appreciate Callie for her wisdom, and magical inspiration! Lara Printz  Charlotte, North Carolina 2013


I was referred to Callie in 2010, about 3 weeks after I have moved to Vancouver from Calgary.  During our first session she opened my eyes to many things that I had not been aware of, and gave me some really great tools for moving forward in my life. She also totally blew me away with her intuitive gifting.

We worked together periodically for the next two years, with her always having some serious "nuggets" of truth, insight and motivation.  She was always highly motivating and with her encouragement, bit by bit, my life began to move forward.  With her support, I quit a job I really did not like and was draining my body and spirit.  I made shifts in my relationship with my partner that enriched our relationship, and I even went back to school to upgrade my education. Then, in November of 2012 Callie and I started to work together on a weekly basis.  Our Monday morning coaching sessions became a refuge for me, a cherished time that I looked forward too all week long.  She was always so present with me and I really felt heard. We worked together on a weekly basis for a total of 8 months.  In those eight months I successfully went from working part time at my dream job to helping grow the business enough that I was put on full time salary.  I took my first international trip to Thailand with my partner.  I was able to fully hold space and support my sister and partner through some serious life changes. I was able to bring my spiritual life and intuition to a whole new level. I also let go of some very toxic family relationships and made room in my life for new, nourishing relationships.  I learned how to fully listen to myself and to my own needs, how to nourish myself so that I could be a better partner, sister, friend, guide and employee.  I even have fully given away almost all of my Earthly possessions and am moving half way around the world to live my dream of being in an Asian country. She fully lives up to her name Callie. (In Greek the meaning of Callie is "lovely one; most  beautiful; heated, with warmth)  I have worked through and let go of so much on the physical/mental/emotional and spiritual levels that were not in my highest intention, and I am now rebuilding a life that I absolutely love. I would recommend that anyone who is really ready to move forward in their lives work with Callie.  She may not always make you feel comfortable, but that is such a gift.  She is the kind of coach that will lovingly push you out of your comfort zone, because she sees the potential in people before they can see it in themselves. Be ready for the ride of your life!  I am thankful for Callie every day, and I know that I would not be living this dream without having her support, guidance and love.             Ali Washington. Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Developer and author of The Perception Diet

Callie stayed with us at our holistic healing sanctuary on the Big Island of Hawaii recently and I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with her, especially one magical day at a beach where there are often wild spinner dolphins playing in the bay. She seems to have an innate ability to not only call in these magical creatures, but is equally comfortable and at home sharing her joie de vivre with anyone and everyone that she comes in contact with. We got to swim and frolic with the dolphins for quite some time, and they were clearly somehow communicating with her. It is a gift I have only seen a couple of times, and I sadly do not have it, But Callie Does! Banyan Tree is a magical place, and we have been fortunate to draw people from all over the world who really resonate with what we are doing here.

Callie has been one of the most resonant of that group, and I hope she returns to share her magic with us again soon. Raybo Ji, Kona Hawaii 2013



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